It’s aliiiive!


I’ve been meaning to get this put together for a long time as a place to collate news and general posts about what I’m up to and other stuff.

I am, however, notoriously lazy about updating such things, so most of the content will be updated via my Twitter and Instagram feeds, which I actually use regularly.

The trigger for all of this was the launch of Infernal!

infernal hi res

He’s officially unleashed on 11th August but we had a great shindig at the perennially awesome Goldsboro Books last week. Sort of a pre-birthday birthday celebration.


This is something that I’ve always wanted to do and experience, so I owe a great debt to Harry and David of DHH, both as agents and for hosting me at such a great venue. A huge debt of thanks also goes to the team at DelRey who never wavered in their support and enthusiasm.

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