Review – Liz Loves Books

The penultimate stop on the blog tour was over at the very aptly named Liz Loves Books. I met Liz at the launch of Beth Lewis‘ phenomenal Wolf Road, where she had me sign her proof of Infernal… the first book I ever signed.

Liz is a voracious reader and reviewer so I knew her BS detector would be top notch, which did nothing for my nerves. Up to that point I hadn’t realised how much of a ‘deer in the headlights’ moment being asked to sign something could be..

As it turned out, she *really* liked Infernal, even if she hasn’t yet forgiven me for the ending.


“As for the story well, SO originally vivid, the author managing to give you all the standards you need and expect from great fantasy but throwing in a few extras just for good measure –  at turns surprising and delightful and OOH magic. Did I say there was magic? Lots of wicked magic, sorcery and evil shenanigans. And things. Just beautiful.”

You can read her review here 🙂



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