How things are going

How is it February already? I mean, the run up to Christmas was manic and the holiday itself passed in something of a soft- edged food coma, but still. February. Yikes.

My last event was pre Christmas when I had the chance to do a reading and Q & A at the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club (find them on FB) in November. As the name suggests, it was a really chilled, fun event- I’ve been to quite a few of them and it’s all good, but this was my first time there as Author Mark.

Early in January I finished Fireborn, the first draft for the sequel to Infernal, and sent it off to my agent. It weighs in at about 155,000 words right now, which is about 30k more than Infernal ? It was quite an experience typing ‘the end’, knowing that Stratus’ story has now finally been told. I’m going to miss the big guy.

Speaking of Infernal, the paperback is out in June (by which time we should have some  official news on Fireborn!) with a cool new cover:

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